East Lochaber Laggan Community Trust

It would be good to hear from our Members

With the Greensill difficulties, things now seem much more serious than the GFG Alliance scrutiny mentioned in our last communication a year ago.

Following the acquisition by GFG in late 2016 we continued to be in touch with Jahama Highland Estates through their first chief executive and felt quite close to a proposal in late 2018. This had been worked up following discussion with Scottish Government officials since the GFG Undertaking required them to deliver on community land.  That proposal was withdrawn in early 2019, just before that CEO left Jahama.

Over the past few months we have had a few exchanges with Jahama Highland Estates as we are keen to revisit late 2018 when we were led to believe that we were on the point of receiving a sound, sustainable proposal.  So far we have been unable to do so but Scottish Government officials are still supportive and so we remain optimistic that a transaction will result in accordance with the GFG Undertaking.

The collapse of Greensill reminds us of the founding reason for the Trust, to acquire the land for the community to remove this sort of uncertainty over ownership in future.  Because the water rights go with the power stations the GFG Alliance doesn’t actually need to own the Estate to be able to generate power.  Much of the water catchment is owned by other parties, Corrour and Ardverickie Estates for example, so the land being vested in the Trust on behalf of the community would be perfectly possible and would threaten neither power generation nor the Smelter.

It seems right to hear our members’ views at this time:

  • These recent events highlight the risk to Lochaber communities. On that basis do you still support us in pressing for community ownership of the estate?
  • You previously told us one of the community’s main priorities was increasing the land available for affordable local housing and developing small renewables. Do these remain a priority for you?
  • Some members were keen to get involved in the Trust’s activities. Are you still willing to help?

This also seems the right time to invite you to reconfirm your membership of the Trust.

Could you please be in touch with us at the info@ contact address on this website?