East Lochaber Laggan Community Trust


News; we seem to thirst for news. On a common journey like this one folk want to know what progress is being made, which is fair enough but translating what steps are being taken into a news story can be difficult. It certainly won’t sound exciting in a web post and doesn’t create a talking point for the followers.

So gaining information, analysis, thinking, working with funders, Government, their agencies and other parties, negotiating, staying aware, manoeuvring, leafleting, emails and phone calls, pretty well sums it up. But, “News”? Not really; more like ‘auld claes an parritch’ – business as usual……but certainly progress.

Particular thanks, though, to those members who have been distributing flyers!

In the meantime, let’s continue to imagine; “what if….?”

Persevere? Yes; always….