East Lochaber Laggan Community Trust

Feedback on our ideas

We have now had a series of community meetings, partly as information but also to test our proposed approach to business and project ideas. Apart from being an essential step for us, the meetings proved very worthwhile for discussion, suggestions, sharing anxieties and exploring ideas. All of this will now allow us to improve our plans as we move forward.

The Trust will look to lead projects, support or partner with local groups, business organisations and others to promote sustainable projects that are within existing settlements, adjacent to industrial areas or fit the wider countryside policy.

In case you missed the meetings, the ideas we presented were mostly within the following categories:

• Land use:

Small hydro schemes;
Woodland, shelter belts and forestry;
Industrial areas;
Agriculture and crofting

• Affordable housing

• Developing accommodation for tourism

• Outdoor sports and activities, such as mountain biking, access and walking routes and kayaking.

We’re always keen to receive questions and suggestions through the contact box on this website.